About Me

Hello! I am Julie, the voice of Plant Hearted. I am a passionate vegan, a fervent consumer of at least three meals a day, a lawyer, an amateur chef and a wannabe philosopher. In my spare time, I'm generally cooking, eating or thinking about cooking or eating. I absolutely love to feed people and after years of expressing my passion for this over all else, I decided to start Plant Hearted as an outlet to share this part of my life with others. I find such joy in my vegan world and I hope that, through this space, you do too.



Though food is its most obvious (and delicious) expression, my veganism extends far beyond my plate and is an integral part of my life as a whole. Thus Plant Hearted focuses on food, but touches on many other aspects of a vegan lifestyle. The tab "Eating" contains just that, the "eating" portion of vegan me. It includes my own recipes, as well as some kitchen tips and nutrition information that I am continually learning about. Under "Thinking", you will find my thoughts on the vegan ethic, my consideration of various arguments for and against veganism and other relevant musings. "Being" is about the rest of my vegan life, showcasing various products and resources that I hope will prove useful to you too. The Plant Hearted "Blog" is all of these things, in the chronological order they are posted.

Despite the growing popularity of plant-based eating, there seems to be a continuing misconception that veganism is about sacrifice and depriving oneself, when in fact I think most vegans would agree that it is just the opposite. New vegans experience a transitional period, which, of course, may include significant challenges for some, but this does not last indefinitely. To me, veganism is about abundance, joy, compassion, intellectual congruence and the health and well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. I believe that we can live and eat in a way that is simultaneously good for our health, all animals, and the environment without sacrificing flavour in the slightest. Plant Hearted is meant to be a reflection of this and I hope that it will help to inspire its readers to enjoy, experiment and fall in love with new foods and old favourites reimagined.

If you would like to share any Plant Hearted content elsewhere on the Internet, please feel free to do so, with a link back to me.