Disclaimer: I am a lawyer, not a dietitian! You might wonder why, then, am I even posting about nutrition? That is a perfectly valid question. Nutrition is a vastly complicated field of study. This complexity means that clear answers to even simple questions are hard to come by, even for experts, who sometimes disagree amongst themselves and are continually revising old orthodoxies. The complex array of research, information and opinions becomes increasingly clouded as it is distilled down for those of us who are not specialists in this field. And yet this is information that we so badly want to have, to enhance our understanding of what we should be consuming and feeding to our loved ones for optimal health and longevity.

I try to look at the world through a critical lens, digging below surfaces and investigating sources of information. I intend to bring this practice to Plant Hearted.  For nutrition information, especially, I do my very best to include only what is supported by the latest research I can find. I think that humans can thrive on a balanced vegan diet, but I don't assume that one will be healthy just because they are eating plants. I spend a fair amount of my free time trying to educate myself on this topic, and am happy to share some of my findings with you here.