Welcome to the very first Plant Hearted blog post!

I am oh so excited, and a little nervous, and not quite sure where to go from here... In all my life I have never written on the first page of a notebook or journal. Never feeling that I had words that were quite worthy of holding that spot throughout the book’s entire existence, I have always started on the second page, imagining that someday the perfect thought would come along, I would know it, and I would turn to that crisp white first page and fill it with perfection as it poured from my fingertips. This approach simply does not work when starting a blog. Even if I try to call this my second post, it will always and forever, in reality, hold the place as the first one. So here it is, of necessity, in all of its imperfection.

You can find out a little bit about me, and my vision for Plant Hearted, under the tab "Hello!" above. Basically, Plant Hearted is the place I have created to share my vegan food, philosophy and ideas with you.

A vegan of many years, I know there are many reasons people may strive toward a more plant-based diet, including personal health and well-being, moral considerations regarding the use by humans of other sentient beings, ethical concerns about the welfare and treatment of the animals and the workers in the animal agriculture industry, and this industry’s effects on our environment. Though I expect Plant Hearted will mostly focus on delicious food, I hope also to examine each of these topics, and more.

I plan to post at least once a week, on Mondays, with occasional bonus posts on other days when I’m able. I will categorize each new post under "Eating", "Thinking" or "Being", so that if you are excited to try a recipe but less interested in browsing my musings on moral philosophy or my recommendations for cruelty-free deodorant, you can easily locate just the content you are most interested in. If you're mostly here for deodorant info, please do not fret, I will post on that soon, and it will show up under the tab "Being".

Welcome! Much more to come soon.